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Oxxford Group is a national provider of leading edge services in medical claims billing analysis, error identification, overpayment recovery, and fraud detection.

Our clients include Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, Third Party Administrators, Employer-Sponsored Self-Funded Plans, and Multiemployer Health & Welfare Trusts.

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Oxxford Group, LLC

We review 100% of all claims to detect, prevent, and recover lost dollars that have escaped normal claims examination and other review processes already in place.

Our audit methodology maximizes the effectiveness of claims billing audit, overpayment identification, and fraud detection by managing full claims history for patterns and profiles across claims, claim types, claimants, and providers.

We have extensive experience with a diverse hospital/provider contracts and  claims processing systems in use.

Due to the nature of the medical insurance industry and related practices, the core operation of a claims payer is typically driven by high transaction volume designed to balance maximum accuracy while ensuring satisfactory throughput and customer service.  These conflicting demands present a significant opportunity for financial and service quality improvements with a proactive parallel monitoring and assessment protocol.

Oxxford Group can deliver meaningful  financial benefits by augmenting existing audit and special investigation unit functions with minimal intrusiveness at no additional cost. 

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